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When work on Mass Effect 1 began, they were a single quasi-independent studio.By the time the third game launched, they were a collection of three studios owned by the Borg Collective of games publishing, they were running one of the most expensive, high-profile, and ambitious MMO titles ever developed, and were developing Dragon Age and Mass Effect titles simultaneously.

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It didn’t hold together, it didn’t make sense, it was tonally wrong, etc.

A lot of people lump me in with Mr Btongue, because we’ve both had a lot to say about Mass Effect and our points had a lot of overlap.

For the last few years I’ve half-jokingly suggested that there is no upper limit on how much people are willing to discuss the Mass Effect games. This series is going to run for the next eleven months, and by the end it will be the length of a novel. Yes, I have discussed this series to death over the years.

In Spoiler Warning our group covered all three games, in excruciating detail, over the course of 36 hours of running commentary.

Then in 2007 they sold themselves to Electronic Arts Or rather, “In November 2005, it was announced that Bio Ware and Pandemic Studios would be joining forces, with private equity fund Elevation Partners investing in the partnership.

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