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One popular but inaccurate Zonian rumor, fueled in part by references to the "American Canal Zone" in U. news media, that the Panama Canal Zone had been renamed "United States Canal Zone" and would henceforth be an outright possession of the United States.News and rumor instantly traveled the 49 miles from Panama's south coast to its north coast.A good indication of the relative communist strength came two weeks after the confrontations, when the Catholic Church sponsored a memorial rally for the fallen, which was attended by some 40,000 people.

Witnesses say that Arosemena died while helping to evacuate wounded protesters from the danger zone. denied that the infant's death was linked to the use of CS tear gas, in keeping with its claim that it is not a lethal agent. Various Panamanian versions blame all Panamanian deaths on U. forces, though those who died in the Pan American Airlines building fire can not reasonably be said to have died at the hands of American forces.

The witnesses appear to be corroborated by a photograph of Arosemena supporting an injured man, said to have been taken shortly before he was shot. Some Panamanians may have been hit by bullets fired by Panamanians but intended for American targets.

The Canal Zone, primarily consisting of the Panama Canal, was a strip of land running from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean and had its own police, schools, ports and post offices. Panamanians were tear gassed, and then several were shot.

However, Kennedy was assassinated before his orders were carried out. A policeman wielded his club which ripped our flag.

Martyrs' Day is a Panamanian Day of National Mourning which commemorates the January 9, 1964 riots over sovereignty of the Panama Canal Zone. Army units became involved in suppressing the violence after Canal Zone police were overwhelmed, and after three days of fighting, about 22 Panamanians and four U. After Panama gained independence from Colombia in 1903, with the assistance of the U. On the way through the mob, pulled and tore our flag." To this day, the issue remains highly contentious, with both sides saying the other instigated the conflict.

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