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It's obviously her fetish." She went on to defend Lois's interest in super men."I think Lois is such a strong woman that there are not many men that can equal her and can really deal with her.

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We will all be thinking of ya.editted to add: Alcohol kills germs ...that in mind when you are trying to decide whether or not to attend. I get all messed up doing that karaoke thing but with a few sociables who knows.

Hope to see you all there........................... EEK**eekster HUGS**oh..I am gonna be on your butt eekster..can do it, I know you can..not...well, I will meet ya on the dance floor.....

If, however, even the most die-hard fan fails to think of the actress on target to be Lois longer than all the others, the pop culture gods might actually forgive you.

Later, when the WB contacted Neill about the retrospective, Neill suggested that they speak with Delany.

"I was totally flattered." Delany found inspiration for Lois's character in the tough-talking, working women of 1940's cinema."Especially because of Bruce Timm's animation, which is kind of classic and has a bit of a retro feel to it, when I auditioned, the way the character was written, I thought of Rosalind Russell from 'His Girl Friday'" Delany explained.

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