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Clare and Jake continued dating in secret, with little to no issue, but it all changes when their parents, Glen and Helen announce they are getting married. After seeing Clare again at his father's wedding, Jake confesses he still loves Clare, although she wants nothing to do with him after he hurt her.

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In Cry Me A River (1), Jake is seen setting up an Orienteering booth at the Clubs Fair when Alli says that Clare should join (referring to the Jake and Clare kiss in Love Game).

Clare then exclaims that she is not interested and that she and Jake were a one time thing.

Later, Clare and Jake make eye contact in the library when Clare is talking with Alli and Jake pulls her away into a nearby Science class room.

The two begin talking about what happened the night before and their own relationship, which they both seem comfortable in.

Meanwhile, Clare, who is known as a vivacious and career-driven woman with an adorable Insta-famous dog, won the hearts of viewers after her positive attitude far outshone that of her disappointed match Jono Pittman.

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