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Moreno’s bill arises from the indisputable fact that thousands of people are abused by lovers and ex-lovers every year in Louisiana, and too often the abused become victims of gun violence.

These statistics don’t lie: In Louisiana, more than 70 percent of domestic homicides involve a dating partner, and more than 60 percent of survivors served by the Louisiana Coalition Against Domestic Violence are dating partners.

HB 223 would simply add “dating partners” — a term already very well defined in Louisiana law — to our domestic abuse battery law.

Thus, if HB 223 were to become law, a convicted domestic abuser would lose his or her Second Amendment rights regardless of whether the abuser lives with the victim. “The existing provision that requires cohabitation to allow the law to protect victims of domestic violence is arbitrary,” says Robert White, an assistant district attorney in Plaquemines Parish.

"The right doesn't own the flag, guns or the Constitution," Gross writes me in an email.

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