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However, the two work out their differences and Olivia gives her blessing to the relationship.

He asks her to come to New Zealand but she turns him down to go to Italy by herself. The two become engaged, with Jane not knowing that Grayson has fallen in love with her.

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At the beginning of the series, the only people who knew about Jane's true identity were Fred, Jane's guardian angel, and Stacy, Deb's former best friend.

Complications arise when Deb's former fiancee Grayson Kent also comes to work for the law firm.

Also, unlike Deb, Jane is distant with her parents, something Deb tries to remedy and eventually succeeds with Elaine.

As Jane, Deb is passionate in the courtroom and tries to fight for what is right as much as she can.

Jane also dates Tony, a fellow lawyer, who asks her to move to Washington D. After Tony moves away, Jane resumes her romantic feelings for Grayson, who begins dating Vanessa Hemmings.

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