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It's therefore quite hard to raise money on, and secondly, we wanted to retain the vendor's support.

We stay in touch with the vendor and all payments have been met on time.

If you ever need our help in the field of international dating and apply to our Support Center, you will quickly get a response to your request (sometimes even on weekdays or holidays), a good piece of advice or a constructive suggestion.

With so many business deals, the deal gets done and you never see or hear of the vendor again.

Although that deal was done two years ago, vendor loans would be even more effective in today's market, where sellers have to lower their expectations of what the buyer can afford.

Dating agency is a very popular way among singles willing to find love and a partner to create a family.

Today almost every city has scores of marriage and dating agencies.

International dating agencies are agencies involved in arranging dating between singles from different countries and cultures, and speaking different languages.

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