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According to our source, Beckinsale's friends and family approve of Rife."Everyone in Kate’s circle loves Matt and are so supportive of this relationship," the source says.

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Below you will find information on some of the dances we dance!

Click on the Tsarouxi to find you how to dance each dance!

E Trata This dance originated in eastern Megara, on mainland Greece west of Athens. The steps alternate between "pulling in the nets" and "weaving the nets." Anna Efstathiou of Oakland taught this to us in 1983.

Haniotiko This is a Cretan syrto from the town of Hania (Chania), in western Crete.

Click on the camera to see a picture of each dance! Chiotiko Chiotiko is a simple folk dance from an island in the northeastern Aegean Sea named Chios (sometimes spelled Khios or Hios in English) Delphi Delphi is a slow Hassapiko dance that our teacher, the late Maxine Myer, learned at Delphi, where the Oracle was located and the spot that the ancient Greeks considered the center of the universe.

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