Free sex chat hot women - Dating an older coworker

You would notice a huge difference between a 20 year old and a 30 year old.

Let's say you two do hook up and it doesn't go well. Are you willing to continue going to work seeing each other every day?

I've seen people do this in the workplace and it's not even about maliciousness, it's pure immaturity.

The most you can know a person is a combination of what they choose to show you and what you choose to assume about them. When I first met her it wasn't "love at first site" or anything.

she either has certain feelings, or she lacks them. And she might consider you to be an old man and too old to date.

you aren't going to screw up what isn't there, if it isn't there. You would be better off looking for someone who is not a co-worker and is closer to your age.

Looking back, though, it was not a relationship that was conducive to what I should have been doing at that age, and indeed, delayed my development of those things and threw off the order/timeline of those things to come.

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