Dating a snorer cia dating

Look for one you can also refill on the card with a credit card.To use it you just dial the number on the back of the card and then the special PIN number on the card.If you aren’t going to be away from your room very often (you should be able to get the nurses to lock it away for you, if you ask nicely).

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* A FEW GOOD MAGAZINES AND A TV GUIDE – You know what you like.

I also suggest that you take a TV Guide magazine/ pull out, so that you know what is on TV while you are in the hospital.

* DRY (NO RINSE/ WATERLESS) SHAMPOO – for freshening your hair when you are unable to wash it yourself.

This is a product that you apply to your hair and it cleans it, without water.

Any kind or multiple kinds of puzzle books, depending on your favorites.

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