Dating a girl with anorexia

Rather than identify me as a sufferer of an eating disorder, though, she focused on the depression, seeing that as a separate, more important issue.

I am 31 now, but my troubles with bulimia began when I was 13.

Growing up in Southport, Merseyside, I attended a fairly rough, chaotic school at which I didn’t fit in at all.

I now haven’t purged since I was 21 – a decade ‘clean’ and eating well again.

Around the time I stopped, I decided to start a peer-support charity, Men Get Eating Disorders Too! I remembered the isolation I felt through my teens, but also the sense I was being treated differently by the services just for being a boy. There are countless stories like mine, and many that are worse.

In fact, nothing improved until I changed my life completely.

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