Dating a biker chick

You don’t know true fear until you become a parent….because all self fears are lesser than the fears one feels for a child.

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Ms Koh says Mr Teng's sense of adventure, evident from his love of riding motorbikes, piqued her interest, while Mr Teng says he thought Ms Koh was "quite a hot chick" when he saw her photo.

Ms Agatha Koh, 63, was not seriously looking for a new man in her life when she went on the dating site a few years ago. Ms Koh, who works part-time in publishing, said: "I admired him for being so forthright.

I’ve lost most of my pot belly and am getting some nice definition. It currently looks like I’ll be moving out of my house and sharing a place with my good/best friend Donny. I joined one of those groups that always asks people to join them….Machinima, but not them. My You Tube income has gotten low….it were just me it wouldn’t matter. My contract on my phone runs out in a couple of months. I need to use my phone calendar more to force myself into being more productive. I am officially the exclusive Scottoiler dealer for Taiwan. Anyway….thanks to the few of you who still check in here. I’m also been studying a new…skill….on that in the future. I’m also toying with the idea of getting some help….perhaps hiring someone to start making some really cool stuff. Must be a good tour if people are doing it two years in a row….eh? The new people coming for the June tour I couldn’t give a shit about. And now that he’s 3 we put him in daycare from 8 until 5. I still need to spend time uploading vids, reading messages, and trying to exercise. I often find myself tired……I think it’s part of aging (or more likely poor diet).

I plan on making some amazing videos this year…yeah…. I currently have about 5 different “jobs” and sometimes a day goes by where I just watch “The Voice” or play video games. I bought a large amount of Scottoilers and am going to try to get them out on the market when I get back from my tour. It’s a good product and something I’m willing to take a chance with. And I hope the world doesn’t end this year…that would suck. After all I’m in Taiwan…where labour (even skilled labour) is cheap. I might actually let a local do that tour for me (kidding, kidding…not really). Last year I worked most of the bugs out of the tour…and this year should be much smoother. And I’m not getting as much done as I’d like in a day. They fly all over the world and do more in a day than we do in a week. But my subscribers seem to counting it down which puts pressure on me to do something cool for it. The You Tube biking community lost a very unique and interesting biker vlogger Svengalie.

But since I can barely find time to update my own channel…I CAN’T find time to update my website. And yes, in the past I’ve criticized him for getting rich off other people’s videos…..but….it works it works. And we will be visiting a few new places that even I’ve never been to before. I’m a bit out of shape….haven’t been exercising as much as I’d like. My 2012 Private Series is going on sale today (pre-purchase). He goes to school for 8 hours a day and then when he gets home it’s only a few hours before his bedtime. But on the bright side it makes me all the more happy when I do see him. It’s still winter here…spring or whatever…..either way it’s raining all the fucking time. My Taiwan Tour is coming up: I’ve got both 2012 tours more than half sold out. I should have more time since my son started school again…this time full time.

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