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It's nothing more than a simple number system developed in case golfers in the same group are using the same golf ball. If you store golf balls in a climate controlled environment there really is an unlimited shelf life. Anything more falls outside of our printing parameter and you wouldn't see the whole line. The charge for what's called a "two-pole" print would be an extra on top of the personalized ball price. Sincerely, Absolutely, You will need to add the Pro V1 - Personalized four different times on your order to be able to personalize each dozen individually. During checkout there is a space to add "additional comments." Please make your request there.

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They are likely to be hit off of various equipment, run over by mowers, etc. I'm guessing Jake could very well be at a range with Limited Flight (LF) range balls. Range balls take a beating that no other golf ball on earth will take through its lifetime.

Not only that, but range balls are typically stored..for it..UNcontrolled environment..for Jake (or Joke whatever)! Seriously, the well kept ball should be fine to play with. I think his 5 iron actually says "Driver" on the bottom.

A Logo Overrun is a New golf ball that has a company logo or personalization on it already.

Logo Overruns have some of the best deals that you can find on golf balls period.

Please let me know if I may be of any other assistance. This is a perfect question for a company that started out selling used golf balls!

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