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After three years, I found myself able to talk about the "situation" without having a full blown anxiety attack and my spiritual journey began.

When my mother told me this, my biological father had been dead for 2 years.

Mom doesn't want me contacting my biological family as to not "tarnish" his reputation. When I had zeroed in on two brothers, I asked relatives which of the two were in the town where I was born. Then I was able to determine that one of them had married about a year before m conception.

I suggest building a private, "new" family tree based on the dna.

It has helped a lot with the emptiness found with all of this.

I found she was poison and I had to regroup myself.

My counselor stated that when I first came to see him, I looked like I was ran over by an 18 wheeler and left to die.

I only know the name of my "uncle" and I've narrowed it down to 2 brothers - I don't even know if they are ali ve. If you need to talk, question, or vent email me at [email protected] He explained to me he was in the milatary and my mother left him and took me with her after the got Married, when he came back looking for his family she had started a new relationship. I feel lost and betrayed and still try to deal with all that's going on. I have not told anyone, I have not told my children that they have a grandfather.

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