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They ran to hug each other, "I'm so glad to see you honey! "Your bottom is poofy.""Uhh" stammered Cid."Oh, what do we have here?

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"Kylie came in and gasped at how cute and pretty he looked.

"Aww, you did really like our day of fun yestarday.

"Miss prissy pants need a bath before I get her into her lovely new outfits." Cid thought he might run but for some reason he felt very submissive to Belicia, a lot more than yestarday.

Once he dipped into the bath he was surrounded in beautiful aroumas that made him feel more wonderful then he has ever felt before.

Belicia has a very feminine style throughout the house and had a lot of guests over who were mostly girls around his age. " Cid said as he noticed she was a little wet from swimming in the ocean just outside her house she said, "Hi sweetie! "Nope, I have a lot of girls who visit here and I don't want you to change anything in this room. "Belicia saw Bitsy prancing out of the room but he didn't have any panties in his mouth. "Cid I don't see them in here at all." she said after looking for a while.

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