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It was 2 weeks after David's fearsome thrashing by Mrs Robinson as they ate breakfast together on Saturday morning.

"It's such a lovely day today David I'm going to spend the day gardening, I could do with some help if you have nothing else you want to do" said Mrs Robinson.

He felt his face flush, he did know what to say, he looked at the floor, he started to sweat even more.

Mrs Robinson looked at his helplessness and smiled to herself.

"Have you ever seen a ladies bare bottom David" was her opening gambit. "Yes, both Mummy and Mary were very casual about clothes and often went about the house naked or partly dressed" "Did you enjoy looking at them". "Did you prefer seeing your mother's bottom or your sister's". David was tentative he did as he was told without enthusiasm, but gradually he became more certain, he pushed his tongue in further, she tasted soapy, he was encouraged, he lapped with more certainty, it wasn't unpleasant, he thought it would be.

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