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This paper is about the potential of implementing CSD in Facebook. It is a massive content platform and a “social operating system” with an emphasis on “creating, developing and sustaining human relationships” [4], but also for reading.It is where billions of people find news, current affairs, sports and more. We read quickly and at a distance, because of speed, pressure of time and more content, all displayed on tiny screens.Immanence is only immanence to itself [1], it is what is always and in any case already present [2].

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Finally, in part three, Facebook and CSD are put together, and Close Reading using Facebook (CRF) is outlined.

A CRF example is provided, a teaching event from an Australian university in 20 called (2009) argued that Web 2.0 can facilitate learners’ creative practices, in the forms of interconnections, content creation and remixing [5].

This paper extends previous work that develops Deleuze’s concept of immanence in a research and education context.

Its focus is a minor practice called Conceptual Speed Dating (CSD), noted by Brian Massumi as a technique for disabling the tendency in group dynamics for participants to perform their acquired knowledge, at the expense of “exploratory thinking.” This paper contribute to Deleuze-Guattarian “immanent pedagogies” in that it outlines Facebook’s value as a tool for implementing CSD — actually, a digitally inflected mode of CSD called Close Reading using Facebook (CRF).

What Facebook gives to CSD is speed, strengthening immanence; and rhizoanalysis, exploding reading and allowing more opportunities for creativity. In part one it notes the popular perspective that reading on a platform like Facebook involves all of the problems of reading online — distraction of the reader and limited depth of engagement with text — in order to offer a vision described earlier: reading on Facebook (or any other social media platform that shares Facebook’s dominant characteristics) involves immanence.

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