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I live on the North Shore and by the looks of this view not far from the webcam! I am able to spend some winter time in a warmer climate now but look at the webcam several times a day. Grew up on what was then a dirt road to a few cabins on Toad Harbor. We have these swans in the bays in Cleveland and Bernhards Bay. WHAT FUN IT WOULD BE TO SIT AND WATCH THEM SWIM AROUND ENJOYING THEIR LIFE. GRANNY LOU Have been enjoying the swans for several years; stayed very late this year but didn't venture down in front of my house in November as they were hanging more in B Bay and Constantia.

I don't miss Oswego County winters but do miss the lake when I am away. ALSO THANKS AGAIN FOR SHARING WITH ALL THAT COME TO YOUR CAM EVERYDAY. How I wish I could have held on to the house their after my parent's passing. They appear right on que in November; striking a pretty pose being so white against the gray water of late fall. ANOTHER REASON WHY I ALWAYS WANTED TO LIVE ON THE LAKE THAT NEVER HAPPENED BUT SPENT ALL MY YOUTH SWIMMING IN THE LAKE. Ice so late this year that they didn't have to move.

This was in the area quite near the free park on Lakeshore. I can't imagine they were seagulls because they were too large! I've had good luck keeping them off the dock by stringing white cord between the dock supports along the edge of the dock. Interferes with their flying up, but doesn't always work.

I took a picture of them but I still could not see them that well! A cris-cross pattern would be even better, but interferes with your walking.

A truck with a plow was good but a snowblower better be mounted on a tractor to be effective. I ALWAY MISS SEEING YOU TAKING THE DOCK OUT OF THE WATER. MY FAVORITE TIME OF THE YEAR WAS NEW YORKS FALL COLORS AND A RIDE TO THE MOUNTAINS. I am a regular viewer and have a place on the North Shore.

Hi Granny Lou, I take my Mom for a ride on Lakeshore Dr to see the lake quite often. January 3, 2016 we saw 5 swans on the lake surrounded by a LOT of geese. As we sat there we saw what looked like a LOT more swans quite far out. Nancy :) I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW SWANS LANDED ON THE LAKE. YOUR CAM HAS BEEN THE FIRST THING I'VE CHECKED IN THE MORNING FOREVER. IT WON'T BE LONG BEFORE THE SNOW WILL START FALLING THERE. Todays view shows the dock covered with Mallards - what a mess they leave!

This camera was Set up and is maintained by the Raptor Resource Project, a non-profit organization for the preservation of falcons, eagles, ospreys, hawks, and owls.

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