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Create your profile: Explain a bit about yourself and create ‘Offers & Requests’ for knowledge. Book a Braindate: Explore other people’s offers, choose who you’d like to meet and get in touch to agree a time to meet. Meet in person: Head down to the Connections Beach at the time you’ve arranged, where the Braindating matchmakers will introduce you to your ‘braindate.’ Enhancing Braindates, the ‘Connect Band’ smartband will be distributedto all delegates.

They’re the simplest, fastest way to capture details of everyone you network with during the Festival.

When you sit and listen to a talk you get an insight or two, but it’s usually not focused on what you are specifically interested in. It creates intimacy in a second.” What do we usually do when we have to wait? We added several meeting points inside the Braindating lounge and assigned participants to each of them.

The easiest and most common thing is talk on our phone, scroll through facebook notifications or get lost in our never-ending email inflow. Well, at this year’s edition of C2, we made sure to implement a different behaviour and to design an experience that involved learning at every step of the process. Waiting in a crowded room full of people craving to make meaningful connections made participants feel bound to talk to the person standing next to them.

On the eve of Cannes Lions, there were more than 16,000 Braindates registered—and counting.

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