Bradley cooper denies dating jennifer lawrence

It was weird, so she broke it off.” Oh, those stars and their fetishes. But Bradley, who is usually reserved about his personal life, rebutted the story and said all these dating rumors about him are just plain "crazy." Believe what you may.

Cooper's love life has been the cause for much speculation for some time now (did he date serial-dater Taylor Swift?! ), getting almost as much attention as his soaring career.

you'd think that there would be some off-camera hanky panky going on in their trailers!

I thought I was getting a little creepy because I was making her stay,” he admitted.

Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are—and this is likely going to be seen as semi-blasphemous by some—probably the closest thing we have in this Generation Snapchat to a Bogey and Bacall.

When we see two single, good looking co-stars together we can't help but hope that the two are have a secret, passionate romance, but such is not the case with the Hey now!

You're ONLY 16 years apart and that hasn't stopped other Hollywood couples from canoodling!

Cooper had been asked about a potential more-than-platonic relationship with Lawrence in 2013, when he—38 at the time—said he was too old to be dating his younger 22-year-old co-star. But that, especially as they have continued to pick projects together, was not going to be .

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