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All a vulva requires is daily washing with warm, soapy water — just regular soap that you use everywhere else on your body.In fact, over-cleaning your vagina with antiseptic washes and other over-the-counter products are harmful, as they can erode the important and protective inner lining of your vagina.Whether theyre playing with themselves or a mate, the presentations are arousing.

A: I’m glad you’re taking this seriously, because it’s no joke!

It seems reasonable to guess that because the muscles surrounding the vagina are elastic and flexible, adjustment will happen naturally to accommodate any size, and since there are few nerves inside the vagina, a large penis will not cause pain—but that’s definitely not the case.

Otherwise, in general, the only act that could be considered unsanitary about someone going down on you is a lack of consent on either side.

Consuming food and alcohol is what people do before, after and even during sex—no worries or judgment!

(The scientific literature on this is not definitive, but a couple of studies have found a correlation between height and penis length.) Since his penis doesn’t look perfectly proportional to his height, he has suffered for it. His penis size wasn’t even something I noticed at first.

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