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We started out with 2 tracks - Manufacturing & Financials - comprising of 16 (or so) webinars.

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Whether you're new to Infor VISUAL, a veteran from the days of Lilly Software Associates or somewhere in between (Infor10 ERP Express, Infor ERP VISUAL, VISUAL Manufacturing, VISUAL Enterprise) - you're sure to find something old, something new or perhaps something you haven't thought of.

Do you have a training need and little time to develop an internal training program?

Docu Sign is also available for i OS, Android, and Windows devices.

Docu Sign is remarkably easy to use, both for document senders and signers, ensuring broad adoption and user satisfaction.

To be interactive - each webinar is presented by one of our VISUAL consultants (LIVE) ending with a 30 minute Q&A with the attendees.

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