Avg slows computer down when updating

avg slows computer down when updating-20

I have used the free version for several years, with good protection for my limited activities, without a problem.

This was directed at Babbzzz as well, perhaps moreso.

You and I both offered solutions directed at the question posed. With regards recent press information about MS Security Essentials, also read Do I Need to Stop Using Microsoft Security Essentials? Our commitment to Microsoft antimalware - Microsoft Malware Protection Center - Site Home - Tech Net Blogs Sensationalist Press Got it WRONG! It started out with a virus that "scanned" my computer for an infection, and of course my wife hits "OK".

And I appreciate that input you offered, as did Retsel. This seems to heading toward becoming another "use my recommended antivirus" topic, instead of sticking to trying to help the OP with his question about AVG. Since the issue was brought up, I think it only fair I respond to it, but I really don't want this topic to devolve into yet another of the dozens of topics in this forum about what AV is better than another. Microsoft Does Not Recommend Two Antivirus Programs! I had thought i cleaned that up, then I had the "The FBI has locked your computer" for whatever reason, and I had cleaned that up...

Don’t Exclude File Types, Exclude Folders When you exclude a filename or file extension, you are telling your antivirus software to completely ignore those files anywhere on your system, which could cause a security problem.

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