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(NT) -- He who dares wins., Thu, Dec 14 2017, " Sadly that way of thinking is not going to end up with a world title.As a dancer myself who spends at least 3 hours every day practicing and who's goal is to place at Worlds, I am up against girls overseas who live and breath it.Understandable for a club that run as non-for-profit but a solely owned school, fundraising can seem to go astray as a means to keep a business running.

-- Dm, Mon, Nov 27 2017, " [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: Fundraising for our school goes towards team costumes and also towards costs for dancers for nationals & worlds it would also be used for new floor mats if needed at our dance hall (NT) -- dm, Tue, Nov 28 2017, " Can't help but think that many schools are run as profitable businesses and providing a business service so how far does fundraising go?

Why are we fundraising for the things that should be provided within the service (mirrors, flooring, fans, heaters).

If I sat on my butt for six weeks , my chances of even a recall at Worlds would be zero.

(NT) -- My goal is to WIN, Thu, Dec 14 2017, " I admire your dedication, hard work and dream to be successful, but I'm just thinking from a parent's nt's point of view.

Husband always questioned why we had to pay for an outside workshop teacher when we were already paying a teacher.

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