teenagers dating older - Asian vs american dating edicate

For example, my aunt went to New York City couple of weeks ago and saw some young and beautiful girls who didn’t wear bras.She asked one police officer about it and he told her it is not illegal in New York.

Class participation is important back home, but doesn’t count as much as the final exams which pretty much decide our grades for a semester.

Assignments and homework do not contribute to a major part of our grade like they do here.” “If you ask many Nigerian young adults or teenagers, the dating culture is not as prominent in Nigeria as it is in many Western cultures.

People don’t judge others by their appearance and dress.

Women may dress immodestly (in your opinion and in comparison with women in your country), but it is not a signal or an invitation for men.

So I have summed up in this short piece a couple that I have learned here: “People are able to wear different types of clothes as long as they don’t violate rules, but each organization, gathering, party, etc., has different dress codes.

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