Armed forces dating

This is why the Army expressly prohibits relationships that meet any of the five criteria.

The Army also prohibits relationships between certain categories of Soldiers, regardless of any command or unit affiliation.

Previously, certain types of personal relationships between officers and enlisted personnel were prohibited in writing, while long standing military tradition proscribed personal relationships between NCOs and junior enlisted personnel.

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The prohibited relationships, which apply to both opposite-gender and same-gender relationships include: --Ongoing business relationships. 4-14c, goes on to clarify certain situations in which business relationship prohibitions would not immediately apply.

-- Dating, shared living accommodations other than those directed by operational requirements, and intimate or sexual relationships. That same paragraph also addresses when prohibitions on personal/intimate relationships between officers and enlisted Soldiers or NCOs and junior enlisted Soldiers do not apply.

Commanders should provide leadership and guidance to NCOs and junior enlisted Soldiers who are in violation of this time honored but previously unwritten policy.

Commanders have a wide range of responses available including counseling, reprimand, order to cease, reassignment, administrative action or adverse action. 4-15 outlines the final category of prohibited relationships, which are focused on Initial Entry Training Soldiers and potential recruits.

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