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Also, the text of gemara, Rashi and Tosafot is available as text (without tzurat hadaf) which can be copied and pasted into a word processor. Cut and paste-able text for Shulchan Aruch and Mishna Berura.The letters in parentheses will bring you to the text of the Mishna Berurah and the asterisks will bring you to the Biur Halacha.

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A small and fast FREEWARE program enabling you to search a number of large book search engines on the Internet for new and used books. Comments on George Orwell’s "1984" Click here for screen shot of New Speak or view a SAMPLE from The Thinking Man's Reference of Politically Correct Terms and DOWNLOAD New Speak (Complete, 113kb .

Ideal for finding rare or hard-to-find books, or for comparing prices. ( DOWNLOAD Book Search (380kb executable installation package for Win95/98/ME/2000/NT/XP) View a Screen Shot of the program. The Thinking Man's Reference of Politically Correct Terms 2. ZIP, for Windows) -also- BREEZE for Windows: a complete text system for creating stand-alone Electronic books (DOS text mode only) as well as for standard Word Processing and text editing.

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You can download it from: C4U v1.32 Main- View | Sign Guestbook- e Mail -Images-History-Ged Com-Gen Forum-Photo Tree-Photo Index Welcome. The Internet page links listed are frequently updated and modified, items and links may be added and dropped from any page at any time at the discretion of the maintainer.

-and- Newspeak Translator - FREEWARE - Description: Newspeak automatically edits your writing to make it: either (a) Old Fashioned & Beautiful. Essay: The New Social Canon of Political Correctness 3. Includes spell checker, thesaurus, readability analysis, columns, tables. The text is provided for you in the subject line and body of the message. (If you use the web-based e-mail program Hotmail click here or for Yahoo e-mail click here or for GMail click here or for Juno click here or for AOL click here or for Fast Mail click here or for Adelphia/Time-Warner Road Runner click here instead. If you use or know about any (free access, 'kid safe', or juried) web site(s) that can help others to teach, study, or to simply explore online learning opportunities, please e Mail me at and send the web address(es)/URLs, especially if the web pages are useful to Students, Parents, Teachers &/or Administrators, in the Classroom, Home/Dormitory, home schooling, as a Library Supplement, Study Reference; for Pre-School, K-3, Middle School, High School, Pre-College, College, Graduate, Doctorate, Vocational, Senior Citizens; or in areas of Special Education, Braille, Occupational, Career Development, Work & Job Skills.

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