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It is after that I felt it lost its way to the point I will not be watching season 9. Smallville X: Evolution Year 3.(1.5): The Search for Magik.

The one against ourselves.(Or perhaps it could have been done already with Earth 2 Barry being Zoom, which would have made sense since we already saw on Earth 2 that Caitlin, Ronnie and Cisco were villains).

Also the reveal was way too late and the explanation was crap and done in literally 5 minutes.

Not sure what fandom his significant other would come from. I really do think it would have to be set on Eternia for the most part.

Or I suppose you could start a story with Adora being exiled to her mother's home of Earth for her crimes as a Captain of the Horde. Or Superman Returns sorta where Supes' damaged ship crash lands on Eternia. Serpant's Lair AU(Stargate): What if the Tok'ra operatives aboard Apophis' ship(which we only learned later there were) found the badly wounded Daniel and helped save him and themselves. Ripple Effect(Stargate): I always wanted to see Sam meet an alternative version of herself that remained host to Jolinar. Awhile ago someone asked if I could think of one and i have 2 ideas.

A series of one-shots with different women from different fandoms.

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