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Due to these exploits, Parvati has become a byword for charisma, villainy and high-level strategy, and remains in many respects a touchstone of Survivor culture.

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She previously worked as a model, bartender and in public relations.

Striking out on her own when she was 17 years old, Shallow put herself through college, attending the University of Georgia where she received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in journalism with a minor in French.

When the four tribes were dissolved into two, Parvati and Adam remained on Rarotonga while their other tribe mates were sent to Aitutaki. At the next Tribal Council, Stephannie Favor was eliminated because her heart was not in the game.

While on Rarotonga, Parvati joined the women's alliance created by Rebecca Borman. At first, she was unsure of this plan, wanting to vote off the weaker tribe members, but, at Tribal Council, Parvati stuck with the women and J. At the Double Tribal Council on Day 15, Cristina Coria was voted out, because she did not fit in with her new tribe mates.

She also flirted with the men of the tribe so she would be in a good place in both alliances. Calderon also became a target when he started annoying the tribe by bossing them around. When the contestants were down to twelve, a new twist called Mutiny was presented where anybody could change tribes.

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