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Sulcata tortoise having abnormal face specially behind jaws or you can say ears Hi.. Tortoise neck and head scratched by own shell Hello, and thanks if you can answer this question about my red-footed tortoise, Yuri: The top of its head and its neck seem to get scratched and now developing … I have a question, My RES turtle is very lathergic and stays on the basking dock practically all day and when she does go in the water she just floats …

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Baby red ear slider turtle likely to have a bad stomach My baby red ear slider turtle is pooping a lot from past three days.... I dont know whether to let my terrapins out of their tank and run around my room! I received two red-eared sliders (allow me to refer them as A and B) just a few days ago. My tortoise snaps its beak while indise its shell I have a Star tortoise about 10-11 cm long right now. *i was wondering if she could/can/should eat the flowers (yellowy bits) … I got my tortoise out of the shed for the summer and she is acting very crawling off my garden and wandering round on to my patio and i … do i need a/c for my sulcata to keep it cool in the summer? My russian tortoise eats any kind of bedding what should I use?

On the first day, A seemed perfectly fine and energetic … I can only get him one other tortoise, and i was wondering if i should get a girl or a boy, and if a different age or kind of tortoise would make a difference. He takes his head inside his shell completely and just makes some snapping noise with his beak. Red footed tortoise shell colour and other problems? I recently bought a Red Footed female tortoise from a pet store. I have 4 Russian tortoises one of them eats any kind of bedding and I am afraid of him getting sick, I always have food in with him so I don't understand. My Red-Footed Tortoise has scratches on the top of his shell My male red-footed tortoise lives outside in my back yard and he goes under my cement steps to rest, and i think thats where he got his scratches from. Indian Star Tortoise is dragging its right leg I have a Indian Star Tortoise. From past 2 days there seems to be some problem in his right leg. why is he foaming from his mouth and attacking my other tortoise???

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