Adult mobi

Adult mobi-88

He was on his back naked, his hands pumping in his lap. I opened my mouth to begin telling him off but no voice came out. Tim jumped up and ran past me into his own room, slamming his door. I began to rationalize that masturbation was normal for a teenage boy, but surely not in his parent’s room, with his mother’s underpants and calling her name? That was my hidden secret and not even my husband John had known I was using it.

Tim had obviously been looking through at all my lingerie, which meant he probably had also seen – my vibrator in the same drawer.

I pulled it out completely, teasing my labia with the tingling vibrations then stabbed it back in roughly, pushing deep inside me. I closed my eyes again, my free hand pushing against the pink button of my clit as my cunt spasmed, gripping the vibrator tightly.

A powerful wave of pleasure surged throughout my lower body, my hips crudely thrusting as the sensations of intense sexual gratification overwhelmed me.

What I had seen my son do in here, and the thought of incest between me and son, initially shocked and disgusted me, yet I felt somehow turned on by it all in some sick, perverted way.

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