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Another way women can divorce is called Khula – the right of a wife to seek a release from the bond of marriage – though if a woman uses this method, she loses her dowry [property or money paid to the bride by the husband].”A Khula divorce can be applied for if a Muslim woman proves that her husband is ‘not committed’ to married life, for example if he is abusive or uses alcohol. When it comes to divorce proceedings, whether it is better or not to carry them out in the UAE or your home country depends on the case at hand.

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Having a licence means you can consume alcohol in your own home.

It’s vital to remember that, despite the fact that no-one will be hunting down unlicensed drinkers in hotels, restaurants and bars, it is still illegal to drink at those establishments without a licence.

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If drink-driving leads to a fatality your insurance will not cover you: blood money will likely be around Dhs200,000 and paid to the family of the deceased.

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