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And Ohio has its very blandness and averageness, faintly comical, to cling to. And now I invite you to close your eyes, and when I say "Indiana"…blue screen, no?

It was the third of the four comeback shows in New York, at the Hammerstein Ballroom. She kept text-messaging one of her husband's friends, who was "doing pyro" for this show, and asking him, "When's it gonna start?

Four years after disappearing from public view, Axl Rose is back on the scene, looking like a wax figure of himself, absorbing the crushing blows of Tommy Hilfiger, biting the legs of security guards, and gyrating, shrieking, and storming off stages across the land. We have not even narrowed it down to Central Indiana. after all, it's a Klan hot spot (which I am inclined to read as a somewhat desperate affectation); or did he think of it as the Midwest or what—you know what he told me?

John Jeremiah Sullivan grapples with the ghosts of the greatest—or weirdest—frontman of all time Yeah, I don't mean it that way. Given the relevant maps and a pointer, I think I could convince even the most exacting minds that when the vast and blood-soaked jigsaw puzzle that is this country's regional scheme coalesced into more or less its present configuration after the Civil War, somebody dropped a piece, which left a void, and they called the void Central Indiana. He goes, "Some people here would call it 'the region.'"On May 15, he came out in jeans and a black leather jacket and giant black sunglasses, all lens, that made him look like a wasp-man. There'd already been fights on the floor, and it didn't feel like the room could get any tenser without some type of event.

Sheidler stated that Bailey was also arguing with Sheidler and that he was using the "F" word in front of her kids. Sheidler stated that she went up to Bailey and pointed her finger at Bailey and told him not to use the "F" word in front of her kids. Sheidler stated that Bailey, who has a splint on his arm, then struck her on the arm and neck with the splint. Sheidler and could see some red marks on her arm and neck which could have been made by being struck.

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