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- Mix your acrylics with pouring medium-pour on plastic and peel off after it dries-then sew it together!

Use a magazine that you have finished reading as a pallette for your acrylic paints.

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- When I want to do straight vertical lines for things like sail boat lines I use an expensive pizza cutter - for oils and acrylics.

Thin the paint the same way you would for using your liner brush (medium) until it is an ink-like consistency and then roll your pizza cutter through it - then roll it on the canvas. - When using acrylics, I put them into a mini muffin tin with a wet sponge in one of the tins.

You'll be able to quickly judge if your values are correct.

Also, if you are sending a picture for a non-color publication, put these digitals on your computer screen to decide which ones will look the clearest in black and white.

- Grapes and Berries: To paint quick and easy grapes and berries load a round stencil brush with your main paint color (purple for grapes, red for berries, etc), then load white on the outer edge.

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