Adoptee dating korean

I told Mum and Dad how much I loved them and I thanked them for choosing me."My reunion made me realise how much my adoptive parents mean to me and I did not want to see my birth dad again.

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He was a complete stranger and I did not feel any bond.

But he persuaded me to catch a bus to the estate where he lived with his mum, my natural grandmother." Sophie's birth family lived in a small council terrace on the other side of town from the salubrious middle-class suburb where she'd been raised.

Brought up by full-time mum Wendy, 65, and Patrick, 66, a company director, she lived in a spacious five-bedroom house in Bristol and had a comfortable and happy upbringing.

"I went to a wonderful all-girls school," says Sophie.

That can make it much harder to develop a relationship, even though the birth family will be pleased that their child has enjoyed a better lifestyle.

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