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I would also say though that without the schwa sound it would be almost impossible to detect, for example, /p/. seriously, take care of yourself, my project just about cost me my girlfriend...) Matt...

We are looking to find a better, more accurate solution, and I will come back to this page to let you know about our progress. English teacher, circus artist in Madrid, Spain doing "teatro en ingles", or Phonemic ? Collingridge's question is a very frequent one in ELT ...

As such, it attempts to represent speech sounds that human beings have the capacity to produce with their speech organs and so does not focus on the sounds of any particular language.

Phonetics attempts to describe how we use our speech organs (i.e. Phoneticians use various different symbols in order to represent speech sounds visually (i.e. Since they aim to make the most accurate and faithful transcriptions possible, they work with phonetic symbols.

Phonology deals, broadly, with two major areas of analysis and study in reference to specific languages: In phonological analyses, we only use a restricted number of the many various different symbols available in Phonetics in order to represent visually the sound system of a specific language.

A phonological transcription aims to present a careful, idealised version of how a sound would be rendered, and so we'd work with phonemic symbols.

Interactive phonemic chart Submitted on 13 February, 2009 - While I think this chart would be a good item for students to be able to access, I was surprised, when trying it out, that voiceless consonants (p, t, f) are here voiced. Collingridge Phonetic chart errors Submitted on 17 February, 2009 - I love the idea of this chart and want to get my students using it in a self-learning mode, but unfortunately in it's current form it's fatally flawed.

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