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Oyekunle could never have done that by himself as someone with little English and no family support."There were many more on that flight in similar impossible situations who now face the almost impossible task of appealing from Nigeria, many just disappear.” Activists have condemned the practice of forcibly removing people from the country on charter flights, which take approximately 2000 people out of the UK each year and usually leave in "secret" late at night from Stansted Airport.

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As 5th grade rolled in, there were more girls that triggered it and I started to think I was bi.

And when ever I would sometimes get in a conversation with a girl, any girl, it's like they were my soulmate! On a recent it said I was young and as I would get older would get understandable with it and it might be right, but even with that, I think we can be whoever we want to be despite age, religion,sex, disbelief, and disability!!!!

I have a girlfriend at the moment but have a crush on this lad only he’s straight so that’s a bit annoying but thx again all love ya ❤️😘👅🍆. 👉👌🏻 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈 I've always had where a certain girl would trigger my bisexual side.

It all started with when in North Carolina, there was this girl that I just wanted to kiss and more!

Many people do not know if they will be onboard the plane, where deportees are routinely handcuffed and outnumbered two-to-one by security staff, until the last minute.

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